The Varsselring is a spectacular circuit with fast parts and beautiful curves.


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There is a good view on the track at all parts of the circuit. The best place is the free grandstand at the start-finish line. From the grandstand you can see a big part of the track and the prize giving ceremony behind the grandstand. In front of the grandstand there is a led wall so the spectators on the grandstand don't miss anything. On the led wall films from other parts of the circuit are shown. Behind the grandstand there is the paddock. Spectators can enter the paddock for free.

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The first curve after the start is a spectacular one. If there is a crash in the first lap than 9 out of 10 times it happens there.

grandstand in the veldermansbocht-900 20140210 1532215401  accelerating out of the veldermansbocht-900 20140210 1738272322

Because it is such a spectacular place there is a free grandstand there as well. For the riders it is important to take the curve Veldermansbocht well because after is curve there is a straight line with the highest speed (280 km/h). This is an important place for overtaking.

The next curve is the van Manenbocht. The riders have to brake hard and reduce the speed to less than 80 km/h. After the van Manenbocht there is a straight line and some beautiful curves follow quick after each other. Riders throw their bike five times to the left and right within 200 meters.

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A short straight line takes the riders to the slow Boschbocht, the slowest curve of the circuit.

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The part of the circuit that follows after the Boschbocht is fast with some fast and beautiful curves. Riders with a big hart are the fastest riders here. The last curve before the start-finish line is a famous one. The name is the Molenbocht. Because it is the last curve riders try to overtake here in the last lap. Something they succeed sometimes they don't and crash.

last fast curve before the molenbocht-900 20140210 1795677252 braking before the molenbocht-900 20140210 2003156742 molenbocht-to-start-finish 2014-348-900 20140722 1874468908

Many riders won or lost their race in this last curve. That is why there is a grandstand there. In less than two minutes they pass the start-finish line again.

start-finish line-900 20140210 1528431720 the paddock and hamove mill-900 20140210 1506930139

For some years HAMOVE has two announcers around the circuit. With the two of them they can overlook almost the whole circuit. Because of this spectators don't miss anything of the action on the circuit


Just like previous years, it's possible to camp next to the paddock. A visitors campsite will be created. Visitors using a tent will have no additional costs. Visitors with a caravan or camper will be charged for 10 Euro as fee for power supply. Use of toilet and shower is free of charge (cleaned during the day by "Jongeren Werkgroep Roemeniƫ", who wil ask for a small contribution).
It is possible to buy fresh bread on both days at the back of de grandstand at start/finish line between 8.30 and 10.00 am.

Visitors who like to have some more privacy but want to sleep close to the circuit can go to one of these places:

  • S.V.R. camping 't Meesterhuus, Antinkweg 12, tel. nr. 0575-467376. This is a campsite within the circuit.
  • Vakantiewoningen Landgoed 't Zelle, Vierblokkenweg 1a, These camphouses are situated just a couple of kilometers of the circuit.
  • Camping Kom-es-an, Handwijzersdijk 4, This is a campsite about one kilometer of the circuit.
  • Groepshotel De Tienhove, Handwijzersdijk 4, This is a hotel for groups and is situated within one kilometer of the circuit.


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